March 2

SOL Day 2

Revise and Edit

“I’m a junior in college, Mom. I think I know what to do.”

My oldest son is a junior in college – a big year with lots of stress he tells me. He’s been working tirelessly on obtaining an internship for the summer. He wants something of value he tells me – something that will help launch him into this world.

In the last year, my husband and I have marvelled over how our son is really maturing and starting to make some serious choices about his life. Long gone are the days where I would sit at the kitchen table with him as he completed his homework, or read him a favorite book, or know who all his friends were. He knows what he is doing he tells me.

But every once in awhile, there’s still a need for help. For help from me! His old mom!

“Will you look this over for me, Mom? Revise and edit it for me?”

I stay real calm, “Sure no big deal. I can help you out.” Inside, though, I am jumping up and down trying to soak up every ounce of excitement over the fact that he needs my help. He is preparing essay questions for a big internship. 500 words is the limit.

Would I revise and edit? Are you kidding me? I would LOVE to revise and edit for you.

“Send me the document,” I reply calmly.

Here’s a sample of the outline he needed help with first. Can you guess who’s comments are in italics? 🙂

My most important advice is that you be as specific as possible with each answer – as much as possible, write about specific examples and experiences that you have had or are looking to have. If it’s too general, it won’t set you apart from other candidates.

Question 1:

  •   Existing experience
  •   Family connection – J. Barrett maybe grandmother as role model/ similar personalities for the industry?
  •   Develop overall understanding of commercial real estate, for example…think of something specific
  •   Active market that is different than equities/bonds marketwhy does this appeal to you?
  •   Could you include how you know yourself to be someone who is more “quality” over “quantity” – the forging of relationships over banking world?
  •   Research the company and see what they offer for an internship and relate to why you are interested

The revising and editing took two nights – back and forth emails between us and my husband, helping to make sure he stuck to the 500 word limit and said everything he wanted to say to show what an amazing boy (oops, man) he is. Today, he sent off his completed essay questions for others to see who he is – (lucky them). My son is growing into a young adult with responsibilities and interesting world views, but knowing that he still needs a little help with revising and editing is priceless. I just need to remember play it cool when he asks.

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4 thoughts on “SOL Day 2

  1. Mrs. Sokolowski

    This tugged at my heart! My son is in kindergarten and I already see him breaking away…becoming his own person….needing me less. I can imagine the thrill of being asked to help! And the need to play it cool.

  2. Diane Anderson (newtreemom)

    Amazing when they ask for help! I can relate- my youngest just got married this past December. I knew just how you were feeling by these words:
    I stay real calm, “Sure no big deal. I can help you out.” Inside, though, I am jumping up and down trying to soak up every ounce of excitement over the fact that he needs my help.

  3. Amanda Maniaci

    Heartfelt. Still your baby! Absolutely love this project. Initiated an unexpected and organic conversation with my four about what is important. To Finn, our structured day to day monotony is “nothing to write about”. But in fact, are not the important and memorable moments often the ‘unexciting’ ones? Who says eating a counter-standing breakfast of frozen waffles together debating the public offering stock price of Snapchat is not ‘slice-of-life’ worthy?? Kind of wish I was participating. 🙂


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