March 9


Homework Club

Thursdays are homework club days. Kids have the option to stay after school and get started on homework or catch up on assignments. During this time, teachers are available to help out and meet with students who may need a little extra “extra” or not. When the bell rings at 2:15, most kids run out the door, pack their bags, and get out of here, but then there’s a small group of kids who stay.

After the hubbub of the day, the tone in the classroom changes. The small group of us begin to relax as we talk about assignments and check-in with each other. Some kids will ask other kids for help instead of asking us, the teachers. I love when that happens – kids learning from one another – priceless. Conversations are light, with an easy flow, as we talk about our lives away from school and laugh – we definitely laugh. On most Thursdays we have to kick our students out and beg them to pack up and go home way past the time when homework club is over.

Today we chatted about what we would slice about. We’ve noticed that many of our classmates are writing incredible poetry as slices. A few of us (including me) are quite envious of their poetic skills and talked about how we want to try it…but we’re not quite there yet. Maybe day 15 someone said. We talked about the dentist – ouch, a few teeth being pulled this afternoon, the orthodontist – braces are coming, and a younger brother who can take his older brother down in no time – kind of embarrassing I was told.

This time together on Thursday afternoons has become precious time, a time when teachers and students can share their lives, laugh, get to know one another, and oh yeah, get a little homework done. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “SOL 9

  1. Becky Leff

    What a kind, caring, safe place you and your fellow teachers have created! Your students sound like great kids. You have got me thinking about whether I could do something similar at my school.

  2. Lisa L2L4L

    Homework club sounds like a dandy group of caring teachers and kids! At my school we have three rounds of dismissal, and I’ve found that my last round kids (there for about 10 minutes longer than the others) have a unique relationship—we work a bit and chatter a bit, sharing slices.


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