March 30

SOL 30

There’s something I haven’t told you yet and since it’s towards the end of the month, I think it’s safe now. Something only a select few teacher friends (who don’t judge me for it) and a team of sixth grade students (45 of them) know. My family – not really. I mean they have their suspicions. So, I have an obsession, a big obsession.
It has to do with authors. I LOVE them! AND I may stalk a few. It’s all quite harmless though. I promise. In fact, I think it’s actually healthy. Right? Although, I have been asked by a student or two what Mr. Pruett might think if he knew (which he does) that I told Kwame Alexander that I loved him. Well, how could I help it? His passion for poetry, his goal to get kids reading, his creative stories are all something to love. Aren’t they? There are others, of course. Above is Donalyn Miller (and me). Don’t we look like we could be great friends? What an amazing advocate and voice she is about the POWER of reading! All teachers should read her books – it should be mandatory. Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston (third photo) brought chills to my spine as they discussed their creation of A Child of Books. You would not believe the steps of creativity that went into writing and designing that book. I’m sure they were speaking just to me when we attended their talk. These are just a few of my favorite authors. I try to keep my stalking to a minimum when I can, but truly, what I really love about my obsession is sharing it with my students and my dear teacher friends, especially the one’s who totally get my author obsession. 🙂

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