March 13

Another Snow Day…

Well, it’s been another snow day here in New England and tomorrow will be our fifth one (school’s already been called off for tomorrow). Our town builds in five extra snow days into the school calendar, so tomorrow is the LAST one which means NO MORE snow days. It’s time for Mother Nature to take a turn towards spring. Anyway, I’m trying to stay positive, so here are the gifts from today’s snow day:

  • the BIGGEST one: My daughter is home from college for the week and we got to spend the whole day together when ordinarily I would be at school.
  • My daughter made some “healthy” brownies using peanut butter, bananas, cocoa powder, protein powder, and chocolate chips which were delicious.
  • Took a Peloton class at 8:00 am and, like the last snow day, I wasn’t tired from a busy day.
  • My dog, Lulu, is hysterical in the snow. She thinks it’s party time racing through snowdrifts, burying her nose under the snow, and eating snowflakes like a bowl of kibble. She could stay out there all day.
  • I worked on my report cards all day and I am so happy that I don’t need to work on them this weekend now.
  • Made dinner for the kids.
  • Read my Breakfast and Books book club book, “Hello, Universe,” by Erin Entrada Kelly. We meet every other Thursday in the mornings and it’s one of my favorite parts of the week.

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4 thoughts on “Another Snow Day…

  1. Emily Culbertson

    Funny, I had a similar post today because I was not feeling it. Then, my boys turned my day around. I love that your snow day was productive, relaxing, and shared with loved ones. Thanks for sharing this little bit.

  2. Georganna Rapaport

    Oh, my goodness 5 snow days! I hope Spring comes soon! Here in Colorado, we have had so little snow this year!!!

  3. Betsy

    I just got Hello Universe! Enjoy the happy parts and the “done” parts of your day! (Finishing report cards is one of my all time favorite celebrations).


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