March 18


Sunday is winding down and my mind begins to think about all the things that I didn’t do this weekend and about all the things that are coming up this week. As much as Sundays are part of the weekend, why do they sometimes feel like the beginning of the work week? My mind just seems to turn to work by mid-day on a Sunday making lists about this or that and checking the calendar for the week’s appointments and meetings. I  would love to be able to enjoy the whole of a Sunday instead of just part of it. Oh well! Maybe I’ll try again next week!

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6 thoughts on “Sundays…

  1. Brian Kissel (@btkissel)

    So true…Sundays should be a day of rest. Instead, sometimes it feels like a day of restlessness.

  2. Cara Wegrzyn

    I agree! I miss out on too much of the weekend because I’m usually so tired on Friday evening and then I shift to thinking about the next week by Sunday evening. You are definitely not alone! Thanks for sharing.

  3. bjdonaldson

    Your slice is true. It was more true for me in my early teaching year, though. I have chosen to stay later on Fridays to make sure the next week is organized. That way, I can enjoy the entire weekend. Sometimes I stay pretty late-last Friday it was 8:00 when I left. (That is really unusual, though. Usually, it is 5:30 or 6:00.) For me, the payoff is worth it. Good luck next Sunday.

  4. Maureen Ingram

    I have a girlfriend whose Mom was a teacher and described these Sunday emotions as “The Ed Sullies” b/c The Ed Sullivan Show was on, and it meant you had to teach the next day and worry about the week ahead…
    thanks for sharing!


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