March 19

Change Makers

One of my favorite writing times of the year is our argumentative writing unit. I love this unit because it is based upon the idea of activism. I love watching students think about what it really means to be an activist and then, finding that one idea or cause that means something to them; the one idea that motivates them to research information and stories and share what they have learned with a larger audience. Today, after watching some short videos about the importance of global literacy, taking care of our veterans, and educating all girls, students brainstormed their own ideas. Here is a sample from our list:

  • Animals – no testing of products on them; no kill shelters; protecting their habitats; protecting them from abuse
  • Sports – protecting players from concussion; lack of opportunities for female professional players; male players are paid significantly more than females
  • Equality – equal pay; equal rights for all
  • Health – importance of exercising; concerns about obesity; coverage for all especially in third world countries; importance of healthy ingredients in products
  • Gun control; gun rights
  • Pollution – in our oceans, air, and land

As students mull over ideas in the coming days, researching will begin, and students will learn to express their voices and be activists about the causes that they think are important in this world. Here’s to our future change makers!

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